What Is Involved In Restoration Dentistry In Salisbury Nc?

There are many different aspects to Restoration Dentistry in Salisbury NC. There is no one size fits all approach because smiles are unique and need different processes for full restoration. The goal of these processes is to treat present oral health issues and improve the appearance of the smile. It is important patients learn about their options and seek a dentist that practices restorative dentistry so they can be sure they will get the best results possible.

Restorative dentistry became a dental specialty in the 1970s in most parts of the world. Since then, advancements in prosthodontic and cosmetic dentistry have allowed patients to receive the services they need so they can have healthier, more beautiful smiles. Many people need more than one aspect of restorative dentistry to ensure they are able to have the smile they long for.

These processes are available through restorative dentistry:

* Dental crowns can be used to cover teeth that are permanently stained or damaged in some way, making them weaker and less attractive. A crown completely covers the visible portions of the tooth, all the way to the gumline so the tooth looks perfected and is made stronger.

* Bridgework can be used to replace teeth that are missing in the mouth. This procedure uses crowns as anchors and then fills in gaps with pontics which are the artificial teeth. These can be made and colored to fit in precisely with a person’s surrounding teeth for a natural look.

* Esthetic fillings can dramatically improve a person’s smile by making it look more attractive. Outdated amalgam fillings are silver in color and can mar a person’s smile. Replacing these with white fillings can make a big difference in the appearance of the teeth.

* There are also cosmetic dental treatments that can be used as a part of Restoration Dentistry in Salisbury NC. Dental implants, teeth whitening treatments, and other procedures can improve both function and appearance.

For one to learn what procedures will be needed for their full restorative dentistry process, it behooves them to seek a consultation appointment with the dentist. To learn more about the available procedures, visit Robertogdendds.com. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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