Safe And Secure Storage Facilities in New Haven County – Primary Objective

It is estimated nearly 40 million Americans move each year for different reasons, including retirement, employment, marriage, and so on. In several of these instances, the movement occurs at a brief notice leaving little or no time for planning. In addition people carrying their properties require short term, Safe And Secure Storage Facilities in New Haven County to deposit them before moving into a home. This has resulted in the springing up of several self storage facility companies in different parts of the country. A recent survey about renting self storage units revealed that 10% of all U.S households rent a self storage unit and that a high percent of storage facility owners are reporting an increase in patronage.

The main objective of all self storage facility companies is to take care of all of the client’s special storage requirements by providing a range of unit sizes for residential as well as commercial purposes. These facilities are not only used during transition periods but also to hold surplus household goods when getting ready for a transfer or a movement. In addition, businesses can store surplus inventory in appropriately sized storage units. Most storage facilities are equipped with several security features. Alarms are installed on each unit with modern video surveillance systems and properly lit drive ways. Additionally, there are guards at the site to ensure that your belongings are safe.

There are a broad variety of self storage unit sizes, thus you can select one that will best meet your needs. The majority of self storage facilities provide drive-up access to the units, thus providing round the clock accessibility. A number of multi storeyed self storage facilities offer loading docks at the ground floor as well as rolling carts to aid you move your belongings to your units. Some storage facilities might occupy a couple of floors in a large building. Such storage facilities are co-located with office tenants and manufacturing plants. Also, some Safe And Secure Storage Facilities in New Haven County have managers who live on-site and are available 24/7. This is a new feature to assure the clients of assistance as well as accountability from a dependable staff.

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