What Are Nutraceutical Foods?

White label nutraceuticals are foods which have medicinal properties that at one time were only found in pharmaceutical products and manufactured non-foods. A good example of a nutraceutical food is margarine; it is specially formulated to lower cholesterol.

Nutraceutical foods often take years to develop and test as they need to prove that they have properties which protect the body in one form or another against disease. The government stands behind the development of these products as it tries to rein in the cost of health care. Consumers are keen on these foods as they begin to realize that many of the foods they eat are lacking in nutrition.

White label nutraceuticals are used extensively as a standalone product which is delivered in liquid, tablet or capsule form. The active ingredients are also used by the manufacturers of these foods in their effort to find ways and means to prevent or reduce the incidence of serious diseases such as cancer. Many traditional foods are laced with fat; they have high sugar content and high in sodium. These foods have very little in the way of nutritional benefit and they are thought to be a major contributor to obesity which is getting out of hand in the Western world.

In the past there were many supplementary vitamins and minerals that were only available in oral form, today however, there are many foods which contain these nutraceuticals.

Many people who are involved in the health field do warn against replacing regular food with nutraceutical foods. Let’s face it; candy that has added vitamins is till candy no matter how you cut it. These people who are involved in health care of the opinion that nutrient rich foods such as fruit, grain, nuts and vegetables should be the primary source of vitamins. One of the most commonly used food which is enriched is commercially produced orange juice, of course it has health benefits but it still is not as good as eating a fresh orange. When a person eats an orange, they get the benefits of the juice, the fiber and they take it in a controlled serving size.

White label nutraceuticals, whether taken in food or directly are excellent when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet.


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