Signs that You Need Trailer Repair in Cameron Park

Routine maintenance, inspection and repair of your trailer is just as important as repairing the vehicle towing it. However, many people tend to ignore maintaining and repairing their trailers, which often becomes a cost and safety issue over time. Failure to repair your trailer can result into serious traffic accidents; a truck may lose control due to a malfunctioning trailer. Here are some of the signs that you require Trailer Repair services Cameron Park. Click here for more information.

When your inspection sticker is about to expire

It is imperative that you constantly check the expiry date on your safety inspection sticker. These stickers are found on every trailer that have been licensed for public roads. Trailer repair should be conducted when the expiry date of these inspection stickers approach.

Audible air leaks

You should never ignore air leaks lest you incur major trailer repair expenses at a later date. Besides, it is arguably much cheaper to fix air brakes in a shop rather than on the side of the highway. Failure to repair air leaks may also lead to the malfunctioning of brakes.

Tire defects

Regularly examining the condition of your tires is of utmost importance. Watch out for leaks and bulges. Hitting your tires with a tire hammer after every few hours of driving will help to ensure that your tires are not flat or low on pressure.

Malfunctioning brakes

This is one of the most common problems necessitating trailer repair. Most people, especially those operating commercial vehicles, over-utilize their trailer brakes. If your trailer brakes have an auto-adjust- system, ensure that they are working properly to avoid putting stress on your truck brakes.

Malfunctioning lights

Flickering lights are often caused by an electrical short, and they can eventually lead to a complete failure of part or all of your trailer lights. Malfunctioning lights can easily lead to an accident. It is therefore crucial that you get them checked promptly.

Extremely low ball/coupler height

If you realize that the front axle tires of your trailer are wearing more than the rear counterparts, odds are that the height of the coupler is too low. In such an instance, you will need a higher insert for the hitch to level the trailer.

If you use your trailer more frequently or use it to carry heavy loads, you will require more than the standard servicing. Contact Vintage Transport for all your trailer repairs in Cameron Park.

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