Signs You Need a New Water Heater in Newton

One of the most important and most ignored appliances in your home is your hot water heater. Many people never give their hot water heater a second thought until it stops working and they have to take an ice cold shower. Over time, your hot water heater will begin to show signs of wear and may need to be replaced by a professional plumber. When you start to notice a problem with your hot water heater, you need to get it looked at as soon as you can to avoid serious water damage to your home. Having to replace a bathroom floor or wall is a great expense and can be avoided by having a leaky water heater replaced. The following are a few signs to look for to indicate that you need a new Water Heater in Newton.

Slow Heating Water

One of the most obvious signs that you need a new water heater is the hot water in your home taking a lot of time to get there. If it is taking a lot longer than normal for your water to get hot, then the heating element in your Water Heater in Newton may be defective, which usually means that you need a new one.


Another obvious way to tell if you need to replace your Water Heater in Newton is bad leaks from the tank. In most cases, leaks in the hot water tank are not able to be fixed and usually requires a total replacement in order to fix the situation. The faster you get a leaky tank fixed, the less damage you have to fix in your home, which can help you save a lot of money on unnecessary repairs. Call in a trusted plumber as soon as you notice a problem so they can get a replacement tank immediately.

If you find that your Water Heater needs to be replaced, then contact the professionals at Frey Heating and Plumbing. They can offer you the experience that you need to get your water heater replaced the right way. You can call them or visit their website at for more information.

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