What Residents Should Know About Dermapen in Tucson

Anti aging treatments are more popular than ever. It seems that everyone wants to look long. Of course there is nothing wrong with this, why not look your best? Micro-needling is one of the more popular procedures performed on residents. However, there is something that works even better. For this reason, residents should take the time to learn about Dermapen in Tucson. Micro-needling has been around for centuries, because it works. The Dermapen, is an easier to use, safer, more effective form of this.

Those who are unfamiliar with Dermapen in Tucson, are often surprised to learn that it works on the same concept as micro-needling, but it does so in a better way. Micro-needling, utilizes a roller in order to insert needles. A roller is unable to get into fine lines, dips, and curves in the face. This is why many are turning to Dermapen in Tucson. It is able to get into those hard to reach areas on the face.

The Dermapen Treatment in Tucson not only helps with wrinkles, but also other types of skin imperfections. For example, acne, or even burns. The pen enables the needles to be adjusted, so that they reach down to the correct depth that is needed in order to help a variety of skin issues. The needle enters the dermis, this results in the body activates its healing properties, which include collagen and elastin. The result is skin becomes plumper, smoother and more elastic. As your skin plumps and firms, it begins to look more like it did when you were younger. For more Click Here

Another benefit to this procedure is that it is non invasive. You are able to improve your looks, without surgery. After all, surgery is a big deal. Even common surgeries, carry with them some risk. Plastic surgery can leave a patient in pain, and recuperating for several weeks. This is another downside to more evasive procedures. This is not the case with the Dermapen, there are no known side effects to this procedure and no recovery time is required. You are able to have it done, and then go on about your day, with no down time needed.

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