Source Genuine Ford Parts for Your Classic Restored Thunderbird

Restoring old cars is a great hobby, but it’s an exacting hobby. It can send you into an obsessive hunt for that one perfect part that the car just won’t be finished without. The internet has made it easier to find older parts, even for classics like the Thunderbird, but the fun of the search is still there. In order to have the best restoration, it’s best to find genuine parts that were specifically designed for the car you’re restoring.

Classic car enthusiasts consider the 1955 through 1966 model years to be the best of the Thunderbirds. The first models were sporty coupes. They went through a range of body style changes over the years, but they never lost their power and style. Restorers turn to Thunderbird parts suppliers to find replacements for everything from major components to the smallest finishing touches.

Many of the parts you need to restore a car are not very exciting, but they’re crucial. Think of all the nuts, bolts, hoses, mounting supports and brackets that you need to hold the car together and make it work. Using genuine parts adds even more value to your restoration.

Then there are the fun things. The Thunderbird logo, the fender emblems, and the front grille all must be right. You may even discover a radio knob or a perfect, mint-condition ash tray that gives you a feeling of satisfaction only another Thunderbird enthusiast would understand.

Fortunately, there are Thunderbird parts suppliers that are also restorers. They understand the thrill of the hunt and work to bring the widest selection of genuine parts to their customers. Some may even restore and show their own Thunderbirds. These suppliers bring the special knowledge of which parts are particularly hard to find, so they won’t miss an opportunity to acquire them. They have the contacts and suppliers to make sure their inventory is the most complete.

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