Working With A 4 Pillars Victoria Debt Consultant

Worrying about financial issues is becoming increasingly more of a part of daily life for people and families across Canada. The same is true in Victoria, with an article in the Times Colonist, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation reports that Vancouver and Toronto have the highest household debt to disposable income levels, while the Greater Victoria areas follow in third place.

This debt to income ratio or DTI is the amount of income that a family makes compared to the amount of debt owed. In the 2018 report, this number was 189, which means that for every dollar a family had to spend on disposable income, they already owed a dollar and eighty-nine cents.

Working With a Debt Consultant

There are different options to consider to move from owing money to creditors to living a debt-free life. As there are different ways to approach debt, working with a 4 Pillars debt consultant provides a personalized, customized approach to paying off your credit cards, loans, and other types of debt.

A debt consultant at top debt restructuring companies like 4 Pillars is highly experienced in designing debt repayment plans, and financial management. They can assess the current levels of debt, design a structured repayment plan, that allows for the repayment of the debt without incurring the high fees and interest that compounds the financial problems.

The first step in working with a debt restructuring consultant at 4 Pillars is to schedule an appointment. Bring information and documentation on current debt, income sources, assets, and other relevant financial information. The consultant may also request additional information, and having it on hand for the initial meeting helps in getting the debt settlement process started quickly.

If you are in the Victoria area, a 4 Pillars debt consultant is available to meet with you to discuss your debt concerns. To find out more, visit our website at

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