The Advantages Of Choosing An Experienced Zinc Plating Company

As an OEM, and particularly a startup company, choosing an experienced contract manufacturer or service provider is always an advantage. In some cases, the experienced zinc plating company may not be the lowest bid price on the contract, but the services and the advantages they offer quickly offsets the slight difference in cost.

There are different options in processes a zinc plating company can offer. These different processes can help in several ways, adding to the value and the possibilities for the OEM to consider. Experienced companies offer in-house engineering and process specialists that can be instrumental in assisting the OEM in selecting the lowest cost zinc electroplating process, helping to reduce the costs of production.

Increased Performance

The different options in zinc electroplating, including the ability to customize the thickness of the plating and to address any specific concerns in evenly coating complex parts and shapes, can be addressed by an experienced zinc plating company.

Issues such as the bath solution formulation, processing temperatures, and the length of time of the process all have an impact on the performance of the plating and the ability of the part to withstand corrosion and surface wear and tear.

Highly experienced zinc electroplating and metal finishing companies can make recommendations on both metal finishing options as well as completing additional processes such as rubber to metal bonding.

As a proven service provider, these companies can work with your supply chain and logistics suppliers, ensuring the orders are delivered on time and to the standards required by the industry or the OEM.

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