Tips For Selecting The Right Miniature Pneumatic Valves

A miniature valve is simply any valve type that is designed for specific, small tube or piping requirements. Many of these valves are used in specialized equipment such as pneumatic systems in dental equipment, for HVAC systems, in machine and equipment used in construction and fabrication, as well as small valves required in a fluid system in any type of production equipment.

Selecting the best miniature pneumatic valves for any system starts with reviewing the manufacturer. It is always a good option to choose a specialized miniature valve manufacturer. This is very different from a general valve manufacturer that only offers some limited options in these smaller valves.

As with any type of valve, precision manufacturing and quality materials are two essential considerations. This is true for standard types and sizes of valves as well as customized valves that are made to fit the specific requirements for a given unique application.

Valve Function

Each of the types of miniature pneumatic valves has a different function. Some are used to allow or shut off the flow of air through the valve, with ball valves and pinch valves a common choice for this function, particularly in pneumatic applications.

Other valves are designed to control the flow or regulate the flow of air. Needle valves are commonly used for this purpose and allow for small adjustments of the external control to make precise adjustments of the flow of air through the valve.

There is also the option of a check valve. These valves are used throughout pneumatic systems to maintain pressure and to prevent the backflow of air through the system.

Valve Design

In many types of applications, particularly in new machines, devices, and equipment, custom miniature pneumatic valves are the ideal option. The choice of a custom valve allows the OEM to create the valve that meets all application and configuration requirements, eliminating the need to redesign the system to correspond with a standard valve type and design.

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