Three Things You Must Consider Before Installing Residential Solar in Sugar Land TX

When installing solar panels in your home, it is vital to maintain the right tilt and proper orientation to gather as much energy from the sun as possible. As such, it is best to hire a professional contractor who has the expertise in solar panel installation. There are several contractors that install residential solar in Sugar Land TX, and with money, space, and enough sunlight, you can make the step of hiring one. However, before making the call, here are the three things you must consider.

Hiring the Right Contractor

You need a solar system that has the right size and is correctly installed, sited, and maintained to enhance its performance. It is, therefore, important to hire a professional contractor that has experience in the installation of residential solar in Sugar Land TX. Ensure that the contractor has the necessary certification and licensing to work with the solar panel or Photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Choose the Right Panel Size

When you want to install a solar panel, you must figure out the size of the system. This is usually dependent on the amount of electricity you need. In most homes, the sufficient energy that meets household needs generally ranges between 1 and 5 KW. Think about the total amount of energy to be generated by your solar panel; the more energy consumed, the larger the solar panel should be.

Tilt and Orientation Also Matter

Solar panels should be oriented to increase the surface area for gathering maximum sunlight. If you are from the northern hemisphere, you should place your pane facing the true south. The panel may face 45 degrees up west or east and still maintain the performance. If you want your panel modules to be mounted on the roof, ensure that they align with the condition of the roof, angle of the roof, and landscape features that influence sunlight penetration.

Installing a residential solar panel is a significant investment. Ensure you hire a professional contractor that would consider several factors such as orientation and size to get the best energy supply and optimum performance. Visit to get more information about solar energy basics, and how you can hire a competent solar panel installation contractor.

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