The Latest and Strongest Trends in Bathroom Designs in Encinitas

People often take bathrooms for granted unless something malfunctions. However, when they get a chance to have some remodeling done, they may become very interested in Bathroom Designs in Encinitas. This is the chance to turn a master bathroom, half-bath or guest bathroom into something especially satisfying in regard to design. They may start thinking of features they used to wish were included but eventually forgot about.

Features in Big Bathrooms

Bathroom Designs in Encinitas for a room with a relatively large amount of square footage can be especially fun to look over and consider. Master bathrooms might include double showers and sinks, a shower bench and a walk-in closet. The toilet might be behind a partition or separate from a dressing area that includes the two sinks.

Inclusion of these features is a strong trend, as they make it easier for a couple to get ready for work or other events at the same time. When the sinks and dressing area are separate from the shower area, other family members also can work on drying hair, putting on makeup and getting dressed.

Recent Technological Developments

Another trend is for more technology to be included in bathroom features. People appreciate motion-sensor lights so they don’t have to find the switch in a dark room. They like motion-sensor faucets so nobody has to touch faucet taps with dirty hands.

Blending Traditional and New

Homeowners are also blending new technology and the latest features with old-fashioned concepts. A bathroom might include an oversized claw foot tub, for example, and a separate shower with a rainfall effect. These showers have water streaming from the top directly overhead. Some newer showers also have whirlpool jets down the sides.

Neutral and Earth Tones

The trend for neutral and earth tones remains strong, as can be attested to by a contractor such as Guedes Construction. These colors make it easy for the household residents to add nearly any hue in the form of towels, rugs and bathmats without causing disharmony. Darker tones are becoming more common in cabinetry and behind sinks. Contact us to get started on a new remodeling project.

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