Why Historical Repairs Require a masonry Contractor in Chicago IL

Masonry skills are a time-honored tradition that pre-dates other skills needed for building. Most historical buildings are brick and were made by masons. When it is time for repairs or replacements, a masonry contractor in Chicago IL is the person to call. Bricks can last for two-hundred years or longer, but the material used to keep the bricks in place lasts for less than one-hundred years. Replacement of components is essential for the building to remain standing.


One way to replace joint mortar and grout in between bricks is a technique called tuckpointing. Masons are trained to assess the type of mortar used on historical buildings and replicate the mixture. The mortar in an area that is crumbling or cracking, most typically the joints, is removed to a specific thickness. The replacement mortar is exactly the same in terms of color, texture, and coarseness of the rest of the building.

This method restores the strength of the exterior and keeps bricks from sliding, cracking, and water damage. A regular contractor will be at a total loss. A masonry contractor in Chicago IL can complete a tuckpointing project with ideal results. The building will look like the rest of the exterior where no work was done.

Other Concrete Work

It is common for other concrete work to be needed at the time of tuckpointing. The staircase at the entrance, exterior moldings, columns, or trim may also require restoration. A company that specializes in historical renovations should be hired for the project. Using modern techniques and equipment will alter the continuity of the building to the point that it loses historical status.

Customized and Innovative Solutions

Old buildings may also need to be supported to maintain public safety. Full renovation services include parking garage and plaza restorations, terracotta replacement, and the design of building facades. Structural strengthening, leak mitigation, and corrosion protection are offered as well. These interior solutions are completed without compromising the original building.

Honoring the past is one way to celebrate the achievements of modern society and future accomplishments. Hire the best to preserve historical buildings when repairs are required. The investment is well worth the results. Building owners can contact Golf Construction to get started.

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