Tips for Inspecting an Industrial Gearbox

While a comprehensive inspection on-site for a gearbox is often desirable in a number of situations and for a number of businesses, there are often a number of constraints that will minimize the capabilities and extent of the actual inspection. This can include time, cost, and access to qualified individuals for this inspection.

In some cases, management may find shutdown time and the excessive cost as a reason to avoid this inspection. However, down the road, early inspections can actually save quite a bit of time, effort and money. While it can seem extremely difficult to complete a full inspection, providing a visual inspection, on the inside and outside of the gearbox, for the patterns of gear contact will help to prevent complete failures. In cases where you do not have access to an on-site inspection expert is not available, then you can hire an outside, third party to provide this for you.

Overcoming the constraints and allowing an inspection will help to prolong the life of any gearbox, including the Excipial gearbox in North Branford. Some techniques and equipment that will be necessary to do this is found here.

Get Ready

Prior to starting an inspection, it is important to prepare to document what you discover. It needs to be an inspection that is customized for your particular application.

Housekeeping Tasks

There are a number of areas where a gearbox can be contaminated, including areas built in, those that are internally generated or ingresses and added while the actual maintenance is going on. There are a number of gearboxes that operate in a dirty environment. This means that proper housekeeping should be done during the inspection. All areas around the inspection ports, as well as other openings need to be cleaned properly prior to being opened. Also, those doing the inspections should be sure that nothing is actually dropped into the gearbox.

Visually Inspect the Gearbox

It is important to actually look at the outside condition of the gearbox prior to opening the access port. Take some time to look for signs of contamination, corrosion, overheating, damage or oil leaks. Also, take time to measure the gearboxes tightening torque that is present in the structural fasteners, which will be carrying excessive loads including the torque arm bolts.

Each of these factors is essential in ensuring the gearbox is working properly and does not have any issues. Taking the time to inspect the gearbox regularly will help ensure that the machine operates as it is supposed to day after day.

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