Treating Periodontal Disease at Your Dental Clinic

Periodontal disease in Cary, IL is a condition that can occur at any stage in a dental patient’s life. It is caused when the toxins found in the plaque on teeth begins to inflame and irritate gum tissue. Poor oral hygiene can lead to this problem and cause gingivitis and even tooth loss. Periodontal disease in Cary, IL can often progress without any obvious symptoms such as pain, so regular checkups at your dental clinic are necessary to prevent the damage it can cause. Here are some of the most common warning signs and symptoms that you may be developing periodontal disease.

Unexplained bleeding is one of the first things that people developing periodontal disease notice. This usually occurs when flossing, tooth brushing, or eating. The toxins in the plaque buildup on teeth make the gums weaker and more susceptible to bleeding. Improper oral hygiene practices, such as not brushing or flossing often enough can lead to infections that can cause bleeding as well. In addition to bleeding, the gums can also appear swollen and dark red. If there is severe pain in the gums or jaw, it is likely that the periodontal disease in Cary, IL has progressed quite far and it is extremely important to get to the dental clinic as soon as possible before permanent damage is done to the bone. There can also be serious complications if the infection enters the bloodstream.

Many patients who are experiencing periodontal disease in Cary, IL will notice that their teeth appear longer. This is due to the gums receding. The toxins produced by the bacterial infection attack and destroy the tissue that supports the bone and cause the gums to “pull back”, making the tooth more exposed. There are procedures at the dental clinic that can repair this, such as grafts of the gums from other parts of the mouth being placed onto the affected area. The patient may also notice the affected teeth loosening or shifting. As the gums become damaged or inflamed, the teeth can move out of place. This is very serious, as the loose teeth can fall out if the infection is not treated.

Bad breath or halitosis is also a sign of periodontal disease in Cary, IL. Food and pus accumulated between infected teeth and gums can cause foul odors. A thorough cleaning at the dental clinic can help alleviate these symptoms and heal gums. Visit at Cary Dental Associates LLC for more information.

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