Understanding Principles of Small Business Promotion

Having decided to start a small business, you figure out what you will sell or produce and go out for a set up. After all these steps what you will need most is someone who will buy your product or services. But how the public will know that you even exist?

The only way for people to know about you is to Promote! Promote! Promote!

It sounds simple, but very difficult to know how to go about promotion?

You need to understand Basic Principles of promotion.

First thing to know is – What do you mean by promotion?

Promotion is anything, public appearance, advertising etc. done to grab attention or attract public interest in a product, person or event or anything.

Why do you need promotion?

The basic purpose of promotion is to create awareness among people that you are in the business. If you don’t promote you won’t survive. You have to promote to create interest in public about your product or service and nurture customer base to expand your business. If you don’t grow, your competitor will and a time will come when you will have to wind up your business. Promotion is one of the ‘life lines’ of a small business.

How to promote?

There are hundreds of ways to promote products and services. You might have heard from many people that they never promote or they don’t need to promote or all their sales take place through word-of-mouth. But by saying this they are already promoting their business!

There are simple but very effective ways to promote and get more business.

1.    Greet your customer with a smiling face. A pleasant welcome remains at the top of the mind of a customer for long and can prompt them to revisit.

2.    Be in touch with your customer either on phone or by email or by paying a visit with appointment, after they had bought your product or availed your services. This gesture will communicate that you care a lot about their experience with your product and service. It can also provide you an opportunity for more sales.

3.    Provide updated catalogs, brouchures, about your business for people to read and to take them home.

4.    Everything that catches attention or attracts people’s interest be it your employees, warm reception, good product or service is in a positive sense, promotion.

Even a post card with bright picture on it can be a great medium of promotion with hardly any cost to start promotional campaign for your small business, which can surely grow into big business one day.

Small Business Promotion

Small Business Promotion

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