VoIP Office Phone System and Its Benefits

If you own a business and you want to maintain effective communication with your clients, then VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) office phone system is the right solution for you. VoIP Office Phone System allows you to efficiently communicate with your co-workers and customers whether they are in office or outside. It is a phone system where voice is transmitted over existing Data enabled IP networks. Since most of us around the world are connected over the Internet (which operates over IP), this facilitates us to also transmit voice over the same network without incurring any additional cost. It is equally important to note that VoIP phone lines and VoIP phone system are mutually exclusive and offer different benefits. With VoIP phone system you can assure to gain maximum advantages for your business while lowering your communication expenses.

Efficiency of VoIP phone system:
With a VoIP office phone system, not only you can transmit voice, but also transmission of data, images, and videos can be done. This is called “collaboration” where various types of information are exchanged between parties. The voice quality received from both ends is excellent. The main benefit of using this phone system is the ability to communicate with your clients from all over the globe and share data and video seamlessly. Efficiency is also delivered by the use of new innovative tools embedded into the VoIP phones.

Some features of VoIP phone system:
There are numerous features of this phone system. Some of the very important features are:

1. Customizable Auto attendant and Call Routing Rules
2. Call queuing, call screening, Intelligent user Call Routing (Mobility functions)
3. Fax and Voicemail to E-mail capabilities, where you can now receive your Faxes and Voicemail in your Inbox wherever you are.
4. Automatic call distribution and IVR scripting
5. Music on hold & Broadcasting capabilities (Paging & Broadcasting messages, alerts to any IP Phone).
6. Easy web based interface to easily manage the system from anywhere.
7. Easy moves, adds and changes (takes few minutes to add a new phone – without the need to call a technician).

VoIP office phone system is a scalable system allowing you to add extensions, features and newer capabilities without having to change or upgrade the hardware. The system operates in software and through the use of licenses. Your expert VoIP office phone system vendor takes care of everything related to the phone system.

Value of VoIP phone system
The VoIP phone system seems valuable to many businesses including:

1. Companies which have numerous branch offices
2. Companies which have employees who also working from home or often traveling on the road.
3. Firms that have legacy systems which are costly to maintain and time has come to replace.
4. Firms having extra volume of incoming calls and special call routing needs.
5. Companies looking for growth without the pain of constant investments.
6. Companies with highly competitive market situation and require sustainable and efficient customer service.

For companies with multiple offices, VoIP phone system can be shared by providing centralized service to all branches and users seamlessly. As a result, the rendering cost of VoIP office phone system is relatively lower than other communication systems. It has been already said that no expensive equipment needs to be installed, which is great for companies establishing new office space or opening new locations. Also companies which are looking for cost reduction and improving services, this phone system is a perfect solution for them. It is a great investment. This will generate much better productivity within the firm, boost revenue while lowering expenses. Many firms have already taken advantage of this great technology by integrating the VoIP phone system into their businesses, and gained higher positions in the marketplace while leveraging better communications.

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