When You Live in Cary, IL Toothache Treatments Depend on the Cause

If you live in Cary, IL, toothache treatment options will depend on the cause. Before your dentist develops an effective treatment plan, he or she will perform a comprehensive examination. Here are some common causes of toothaches and how your dentist might treat them.

Dental Decay

Carious teeth can cause severe pain. If you live in Cary, IL, toothache treatment will mean that your dentist will remove the decayed material from your tooth and then fill it with composite resin. You may or may not require a local anesthetic, however, treatment is typically quick and painless.

Prior to treatment, your dentist may need to take a bitewing x-ray to evaluate the extent of the decay. Also, before your dentist injects the local anesthetic, he or she may apply a numbing gel to the surrounding gum area so that you do not feel the minor prick of the needle.

Tooth Abscess

A severe toothache may also be caused by a dental abscess. An abscessed tooth is one that is infected with pus, and if not recognized and quickly treated, may spread throughout your bloodstream. Treatment for an abscessed tooth may include antibiotics, root canal treatment, or extraction.

While your dentist will try to save your abscessed tooth, extraction may be your only option if the infection is extreme. It is also important to note that if your dentist chooses to treat your toothache with a root canal, treatment may take a couple of appointments.

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