Why Pruning Trees in Mclean is Important

Trees provide many benefits to a home, including a decorative function, drainage, and shade. However, as living plants, trees can grow large over the years, and the spread of the branches from overgrown trees can cause problems for utilities. In the event of a serious storm, an overgrown tree also presents a source of concern as they can be damaged or uprooted. There have been many cases of trees falling into houses, cars, and onto people.

Homeowners may be tempted to do the work of pruning trees on their own by using chemicals or a combination of hand and electrical cutting tools. Trees must be pruned properly or severe damage may occur. The tree can experience negative growth impact if the branches are trimmed at the wrong time in a season, or at the wrong place. In addition, it can be dangerous to work around trees. Cutting tools must be used with caution, and one must be aware of the potential for falling branches from the tree being pruned. services for pruning trees in Mclean area can complete this job fast, safely, and at a fair cost.

When deciding on which service Pruning trees Mclean homes to hire, it’s best to make sure that the company carries full liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. This will protect both the company and the homeowner in the event of an accident. A homeowner does not want to be left holding the bag if an employee or bystander is hurt on the property. Be sure to verify the coverage-;just don’t take the company’s word for it.

Many companies offer complete packages for dealing with trees on residential property. In addition to pruning and trimming, offerings include stump removal and other care services for trees that may be diseased. Some companies also pledge to be environmentally friendly and to limit the use of herbicides and other chemicals. Using a professional service will ensure that the job is done to the satisfaction of the homeowner, and that the potential for accidents is kept to a minimum. Get in touch with Greentree for more information!

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