Why You Should Really Get a Luxury Apartment Close to Campus This Year

Most students attending college are strapped for cash and live where they can, but what they may not know is that luxury living is now within reach. Apartments walkable to campus by LSU are now offering luxurious accommodations for a price that’s comparable to most housing arrangements found around the university. This allows for students on any budget to get the fancy accommodations they have always wanted to enjoy.

It’s all made possible through unique living arrangements that have really made a big difference in the lives of many LSU students. By simply sharing your room with other residents, you can now access luxurious accommodations with spacious clubhouses and gourmet kitchens that will make your life considerably more enjoyable this semester. The best part is that these living arrangements are completely flexible too. If four other roommates are too many for your sophisticated tastes, why not rent a fully furnished luxury apartment with only one other roommate. Of course, these places even offer penthouses for students who want to live alone and aren’t worried about exceeding their budgets.

When you live in apartments walkable to campus by LSU, you are also given access to unique amenities like an attached parking garage that’s secured by an electronic access system on all the doors. Plus, these residences feature exceptional gyms that provide active student athletes with plenty of opportunities to up their game. If that’s not your kind of thing though, you can always relax in your luxurious apartment with a complimentary HDTV to keep you entertained throughout the semester. To get your apartment right next to the LSU campus, check out Ion Baton Rouge.

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